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Hong Kong Consumer Council finds out that expired plastic products or carcinogens

Issuing time:2020-03-24 00:00

In March this year, the Hong Kong Consumer Commission released a survey report that nearly 30% of microwave heated plastic lunch boxes will release plasticizer. This also means that plastic container products have a shelf life and will age after expiration. In addition, pet plastic bottles have previously been exposed to contain carcinogens - heavy metal antimony, and PET material is currently used in many drinks. Even if the product is up to the standard, overdue use can easily increase the potential risk of antimony to human body.

How many years are plastic water cups commonly used?

Recently, Xiaobian interviewed more than 20 citizens at random, none of whom could tell the shelf life of plastic container products. But in the survey, the common food grade plastic products, used for three or four years or longer, are more common.

"I only heard that the production date is marked, but I haven't heard of the shelf life." During the visit, some sellers of plastic products showed reporters several kinds of products. There was no shelf life for either the water cup or the washbasin.

Subsequently, according to the contact information on a plastic water cup, the reporter contacted the manufacturer and the staff replied that at present, the state only requires to mark materials, uses, production dates, precautions, etc., and there is no guarantee period.

In urban supermarkets and other shopping places, when reporters asked how long plastic products could be used, most of the shopping guides replied: "if you use them badly, you can change them. If you don't use them badly, you can continue to use them. We really don't know how long they can be used."

Remind frequently and suggest to change every two years

How long is the shelf life of a plastic product? Experts say that the use of plastic products and cleaning methods are different, which has a certain impact on the "life" of plastic products. Although there is no clear stipulation about the shelf life of plastic products of which material, there is a general saying in the industry that the shelf life of most plastic products is between three to five years.

Experts suggest that food grade plastic products in our life should be replaced every two years. After a period of time, it depends on whether they are discolored, brittle and concave convex inside. If there is such a situation, they should be replaced in time.

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