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Qilu Petrochemical successfully develops four new plastic products, which can replace imports

Issuing time:2020-03-24 00:00

In the past August, Qilu Petrochemical has successfully developed and produced four new products such as "wide distribution metallocene polyethylene" in the plastic plant.

It is reported that these four new products all fill the gaps in China. Among them, "wide distribution metallocene polyethylene" is the first upgrading product of "high temperature resistant metallocene tube material" that they successfully developed, replaced imported and rapidly occupied the market several years ago. In addition, there are three new membrane materials.

A year ago, Qilu Petrochemical Co., Ltd. developed and produced "wide distribution metallocene polyethylene" and other new resin products. Because there is no production precedent in China, there is no experience for reference, and the production is very difficult. In the exploratory production process, Qilu Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has twice "hit the reef" and encountered resistance.

Qilu Petrochemical high-level, science and technology department and plastic plant developers are not discouraged. They carefully summarized the experience and lessons of early development, further explored and studied the characteristics of new catalyst and its production control parameters, and repeatedly optimized the new product development plan in the factory and workshop for many times, laying a solid foundation for successful development.

During the six days and six nights of trial production, the members of the development team, regardless of the day and night, are almost all concerned with new product development. They work in groups of three. Some of them forget to go back to rest when they need to change their time off, until they are asked to "force rest".

Wide distribution metallocene polyethylene is the main product of this development, as well as three kinds of film products used in the field of packaging film. According to the introduction, the substitution of products for imports will have obvious social benefits, and its market benefits are relatively good, which will bring new opportunities and space for production enterprises to optimize product structure and create efficiency.

The market has proved that the metallocene polyethylene pipe material previously developed by Qilu Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is a "treasure product", and this upgrade is more likely to be a "market favorite". This kind of new product is mainly used in the field of building floor heating pipes. Since its development and production a few years ago, the factory has been continuously improving the product performance and quality, and its current market share is more than 40%, replacing the imported products When it's hot, it's in short supply.

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